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  • I am still waiting to see how my case will end up. I hope everything will be okay because so far it looks very professional and nice company.
  • Hard to find good companies who respond to their customers like this, so I know I picked the right company for this type of software.
  • Would like to say it is nice to actually get a product that, after you pay for it, actually does what it said it would do. Thanks!
  • This is exactly what I have been wanting from Wondershare. One program that does everything. I can't wait to try it out!

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Hands on 2D to 3D YouTube Converter: convert video to 3D YouTube

3D technology has made it a reality for views to watch 3D movies just like in theatre at home. And there are not only 3D DVD movies people can enjoy at home, but also 3D video-sharing sites online offering 3D video files for enjoyment, and the most typical site must be YouTube 3D channel, I bet. stands for the newest developments in 3D where you can find everything on 3D movies and the latest techniques.

So how about join those 3D guys on with your own wonderful video files and share your life memory? Have no 3D videos? Well, frankly speaking, it's very easy to create your own 3D files with 2D videos. To convert video to 3D YouTube file, you only need the 2D to 3D YouTube converter – Video Converter Ultimate on hand. With the professional program, you can get your YouTube files after three steps with loss-less quality:

1. Add 2D video to your 2D to 3D YouTube converter

Head to "Convert" menu then choose "Add files"   to import your 2D common videos into the program; you can also drag & drop your files to the 2D to 3D YouTube converter directly. What's more, if you'd like to share some part of your DVD as 3D form, you can click "Load DVD" button to import your DVD files for making the 3D video with ease.

2D to 3D YouTube MP4 converter

2. Set 3D YouTube to be the output format

According to the request of format of YouTube, MP4 is widely used as the format of 3D YouTube files. So here you are highly recommended the 3D MP4 as your output format. Well, to simplify your 2D to 3D YouTube task, the converter has already provided you two optimized presets for YouTube, that's to say, you can directly choose one of them without worry about the format. BTW, though there are some different kinds of displayers in the market, the most-used one is side-by-side 3D display. So here 2d to 3d youtube is advised.

3D YouTube MP4 converter, convert video to 3D YouTube

Note: To enhance your 3D experience, you can edit your files with some helpful edit functions offered by the Video Converter Ultimate . Detailed info in the user guide of Video Converter Ultimate.

3. Start to convert video to 3D YouTube

Hit the "Convert" button. Then the 2D to 3D YouTube MP4 Converter would automatically finish the rest task. After that, just upload the videos to your YouTube 3D page and share your joy with others!

After that, you then can upload your 3D YouTube video files to YouTube.

If you wanna learn more about 3D videos playback, you can read on: play 3D video.

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