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  • I am still waiting to see how my case will end up. I hope everything will be okay because so far it looks very professional and nice company.
  • Hard to find good companies who respond to their customers like this, so I know I picked the right company for this type of software.
  • Would like to say it is nice to actually get a product that, after you pay for it, actually does what it said it would do. Thanks!
  • This is exactly what I have been wanting from Wondershare. One program that does everything. I can't wait to try it out!

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How to Convert 2D AVI to 3D AVI Video?

Q: With so many 3D movies launch in recent years, from the remotest Avatar to the latest Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, I have been indulged in 3D stereoscopic video image. I have lots of AVI movies in 2D video on my local computer so I want to know what software can help me to convert AVI to 3D. Is there something like AVI to 3D Converter? Where can I get access to it and how to convert AVI to 3D Movie?
A: Although there have not been many 2D to 3D video converting tools available currently, you are hitting on the right spot here. This guide is dedicated to providing you with the best AVI to 3D Video Converter to convert 2D AVI to 3D video. Without any technical knowledge required and without any complicated using steps, you can convert 2D AVI video to 3D with ease.

AVI to 3D Converter enables you to convert 2D AVI to 3D video with special effects. Fast 2D AVI to 3D video conversion makes you have the smoothest 3D conversion experience, and excellent 2D to 3D output lets you enjoy 3D AVI files with the best effect.

1. Locate 2D files into the 2D to 3D AVI converter

You can directly drag & drop your normal 2D video in any format to the 3D AVI converter or select "Add Files" under the "Convert" in the top menu of the main interface which enables you to import all video files in your chosen folder into the program for converting.

2D to 3D AVI converter

2. Select 3D AVI as your output format

To get your own overwhelming 3D experience, you here need to choose the output format according to your 3D media player. For instance, if you gonna get some anaglyph 3D AVI files while you have a pair of anaglyph red-cyan glasses, then you can select 2d to 3d avi, and if you have some other 3D glasses, like LCD shutter glasses, then go ahead to choose convert 2d to 3d avi.

convert video to 3D AVI

3. Start to Convert AVI to 3D video

Return to the main interface and activate the "Start" button to convert 2D AVI to 3D video.

With AVI to 3D Converter, it becomes a piece of cake for you to convert AVI to 3D movie. Thus, you can enjoy any 2D movies in 3D effect. Download this useful AVI to 3D Converter and convert AVI to 3D video now. Enjoy!

Before you start to convert 2D AVI video to 3D, you can also add some special effects to the output under "Edit" icon on the main interface. Trimming, Cropping, Effect Adjusting and Watermarking can be applied to the output.

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