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  • I am still waiting to see how my case will end up. I hope everything will be okay because so far it looks very professional and nice company.
  • Hard to find good companies who respond to their customers like this, so I know I picked the right company for this type of software.
  • Would like to say it is nice to actually get a product that, after you pay for it, actually does what it said it would do. Thanks!
  • This is exactly what I have been wanting from Wondershare. One program that does everything. I can't wait to try it out!

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How to Convert MTS to MP4?

Nowadays, lots of people prefer to shot some awesome video clips for their trips, parties or some other things like this to memorize the happiness. Videos can keep every moment, audio and easier to preserve than tons of photos. Well, here also has the question: Can I directly play these AVCHD video clips in iPod, iPhone, or some other commonly used mobile players?

The answer is NO. The video that you shot from your AVCHD Camcorder is in MTS format. Most portable players can't read this format directly. You can't play it freely on your device unless you convert the video from MTS to a friendly format (such as MP4) first on your computer. Actually, there is a quite easy way to convert MTS to MP4.

How we can convert MTS video to MP4 video?

To convert MTS files to MP4 files, all you need is to get a professional MTS format to MP4 format Converter (Video Converter for Windows and Video Converter for Mac used in this guide, for example). Then you are able to finish the MTS video to MP4 video conversion keeping the video quality after several simple clicks. Here comes the step by step guide of MTS video to MP4 video conversion in Windows OS:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Note: If you wanna convert MTS to MP4 on Mac (Snow Leopard,  Mountain Lion OS X Lion included), you can refer to the guide of Video Converter for Mac for more info.

1 Add MTS video files to the MTS to MP4 converter

Click "Add Video" image button to add your MTS video files, or you can directly drag & drop the MTS video files to the file list. This MTS files to MP4 files Converter Windows allows you to add more files and do batch conversion at a time.

Convert MTS video to MP4 video mac

2 Edit (trim, crop, effect, subtitle) MTS video files (Optional)

If there is a need, you can edit your MTS video files by clicking the "Edit Video" image button. You can trim, crop, add effect, watermark and subtitle to your videos.

windows 7 mts to mp4 converter editor

3 Set the output format MP4 and convert

Choose the output format MP4 for your videos by clicking the device image button, to find "Common Video > MP4" (MC). Then you can click "Start" to convert MTS file to MP4 file right away.

There are also other two kinds of MP4 formats, MP4 (Xvid) and MP4 (AVC). Actually you can get higher output quality with MP4 (AVC) and MP4 (MC), and MP4 (MC) format is recommended for playback on portable devices. If you want smaller files, you can choose MP4 (Xvid).

Also, if you want to merge the video clips into one file, you just need to check the box before the "Merge into one" button at the bottom of the MTS to MP4 Video Converter before you "Start" the conversion.

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